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E-GEOD-51218 - A novel NAC transcription factor cooperates with bZIP-type transcription factors in dehydration and osmotic stress responses

Released on 2 January 2014, last updated on 3 June 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana
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Multiple transcription factors (TFs) play essential roles in plants under abiotic stress, one of the most challenging conditions of plant survival. However, how these multiple TFs cooperate in abiotic stress responses still remains largely unknown. In this study, we provide evidence that a novel NAC (NAM, ATAF1/2, and CUC2) transcription factor (ANAC096) cooperates with bZIP-type TFs [ABRE-binding factor/ABRE-binding protein (ABF/AREB)] in ensuring survival under dehydration and osmotic stress conditions. Intriguingly, ANAC096 directly interacted with ABF2 and ABF4, but not with ABF3, both in vitro and in vivo. ANAC096 and ABF2 synergistically activated RD29A transcription. The genome-wide gene expression analysis revealed that a major proportion of ABA-responsive genes are under the transcriptional regulation of ANAC096.An Arabidopsis mutant, anac096, was hyposensitive to exogenous abscisic acid (ABA), and showed impaired ABA-induced stomatal closure and increased water loss under dehydration stress conditions. Furthermore, the anac096 abf2 abf4 triple mutant was much more sensitive to dehydration and osmotic stresses than the anac096 single mutant or the abf2 abf4 double-mutant. Based on these results, we propose that ANAC096 is involved in a synergistic relationship with a subset of ABFs for the transcriptional activation of ABA-inducible genes in response to dehydration and osmotic stresses. pTA plants (12-day-old) cultured in liquid medium were treated with 30 uM Dex alone for 1 h (Control) or 30 uM Dex alone for 30 min followed by an additional treatment of 30 min with both 30 uM Dex and 2 uM ABA (ABA). For pTA-ANAC096 plants, 12-day-old seedlings were treated with 30 uM Dex for 1 h (ANAC096) or with 30 uM Dex only for 0.5 h followed by additional 0.5 h incubation with both 2 uM ABA and 30 uM Dex (ANAC096+ABA). Total RNAs were isolated from two biological replicates at each condition and used to measure gene expression level.
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Do Young Hyeon <>, Daehee Hwang, Inhwan Hwang
The Arabidopsis NAC Transcription Factor ANAC096 Cooperates with bZIP-Type Transcription Factors in Dehydration and Osmotic Stress Responses. Xu ZY, Kim SY, Hyeon do Y, Kim DH, Dong T, Park Y, Jin JB, Joo SH, Kim SK, Hong JC, Hwang D, Hwang I. , PMID:24285786
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