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E-GEOD-50672 - Ablation of coactivator Med1 regulates bulge keratinocyte stem cells and accelerates epidermal regeneration after injury [10wk keratinocyte]

Released on 1 January 2014, last updated on 3 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Transcriptional coactivator Mediator complex facilitates transcription of various transcription factors. Previously, we have generated Med1 conditional null mice, where a critical subunit of Mediator, Med1, is removed from keratinocytes. Here we present evidence that ablation of Med1 accelerated epidermal regeneration after injury. As bulge keratinocyte stem cells are important contributors to regenerate epidermis, we first analyzed properties of stem cells in Med1 null mice. BrdU long retaining analysis revealed that deletion of Med1 still maintained quiescence of bulge keratinocyte stem cells, despite of general hyperplasia observed in Med1 deficient keratinocytes. Gene expression analysis demonstrated that a series of niche matrix proteins decreased in Med1 deficient keratinocytes. In contrast, the expression of stem cell marker Sox9 was not altered, suggesting stem cells are present but activated because of abnormal niche surrounding stem cells. In addition, Med1 deletion suppressed injury induced inflammatory reaction, which indirectly regulates epidermal regeneration. We also indicated that TGFβ1 significantly decreased in both bulge and epidermal keratinocytes upon Med1 deletion. Our study demonstrates that coactivator Med1 has a critical role to maintain bulge stem cells and epidermal regeneration presumably through regulation in TGFβ signaling. n=3 WT and KO (each group contains keratinocytes isolated from adult skins excised from 2 mice)
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Daniel D Bikle, Frankie C Fong, Lizhi Hu, Thai Nguyen, Yuko Oda
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