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E-GEOD-50486 - rrp6l1-2 project

Released on 16 April 2014, last updated on 26 February 2016
Arabidopsis thaliana
Samples (5)
Protocols (5)
1, Using mRNA-Seq to get expression profiling of rrp6l1-2 mutant and Col-0 wild-type (WT); 2,Using MethylC-Seq to provide single-base resolution of DNA methylation status in rrp6l1-2 mutant; 3, Using small RNA-Seq(sRNA-Seq) to get small RNA profiling of rrp6l1-2 and WT mRNA-Seq: 2 samples examined, WT and rrp6l1-2 mutant; MethylC-Seq: 1 sample examined, rrp6l1-2 mutant; small RNA-Seq: 2 samples examined, WT and rrp6l1-2 mutant
Experiment types
methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing, RNA-seq of coding RNA, RNA-seq of non coding RNA 
Jian-Kang Zhu <>, Huiming Zhang, Kai Tang
An Rrp6-like Protein Positively Regulates Noncoding RNA Levels and DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis. Zhang H, Tang K, Qian W, Duan CG, Wang B, Zhang H, Wang P, Zhu X, Lang Z, Yang Y, Zhu JK. , PMID:24726328
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