6 protocols
normalization data transformation protocol
R/Bioconductor RMA algorithm implemented in oligo package ver 1.22.0 ID_REF = VALUE = log2 RMA signal
array scanning protocol
Affymetrix GeneAtlas System
hybridization protocol
Affymetrix guidelines for GeneAtlas instrument
labelling protocol
100 ng of total mRNA was used for cDNA synthesis using Ambion WT Expression Kit (Life Technologies #4411974).
sample treatment protocol
Amygdala electrical stimulation model of temporal lobe epilepsy.
nucleic acid extraction protocol
Total RNA including miRNA was isolated from the left dentate gyrus region from hippocampi isolated on ice and placed in RNAlater solution (Ambion, AM7024) and stored at -20C until use. Isolation from dissected left dentate gyrus was performed by miRNease Mini kit (QIAGEN, 217004), according to the manufacturer's instructions.