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E-GEOD-49580 - MDM33 overexpression suppressor screen

Released on 12 January 2016, last updated on 16 January 2016
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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We performed a genome-wide screen for genetic MDM33 interaction partners. Using the opposite approach of the well known synthetic dosage lethality (screening for deletion strains in which a non-toxic overexpression is associated with a synthetic growth arrest) we screened the whole genome for genes that are essential for the growth arrest associated with MDM33 overexpression. In a pooled collection of viable haploid gene deletion mutants, of which each is tagged with a unique identifying molecular ‘‘bar-code’’ sequence, the overexpression of MDM33 was induced using a galactose responsive promotor. While overexpression resulted in a growth arrest in almost all strains a small fraction of deletion mutants was able to grow under inductive conditions. We identified these strains using a microarray DNA hybridization technique that quantifies the abundance of the molecular barcodes. We propose that the affected genes are possible functional genetic interaction partners of MDM33. Replicate set 1: knockout strains transformed with empty vector and MDM33 overexpression vector; each transformation plated on glucose and galactose media; uptags and downtags were labelled and detected independently; Replicate set 2: same as replicate set 1, plus dye-swap;
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transcription profiling by array 
Alfons R Weig <>, Benedikt Westermann, Till Klecker
Interaction of MDM33 with mitochondrial inner membrane homeostasis pathways in yeast. Klecker T, Wemmer M, Haag M, Weig A, B�ckler S, Langer T, Nunnari J, Westermann B. , PMID:26669658
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