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E-GEOD-49299 - CGH analyses for the Chinese indigenous pig breeds and commercial pig breeds [Agilent]

Released on 29 June 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Sus scrofa
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Since CNVs play a vital role in genomic studies, it is an imperative need to develop a comprehensive, more accurate and higher resolution porcine CNV map with practical significance in follow-up CNV functional analyses To detect CNV of pigs, we performed high density aCGH data of diverse pig breeds in the framework of the pig draft genome sequence (Sscrofa10.2) 9 Chinese indigenous pig, one Chinese wild boar and 2 commercial pigs were detected using one pig of Duroc as reference. These 12 animals include 1 wild pig, 2 pigs each from Yorkshire and Landrace as the representatives of modern commercial breeds and 9 unrelated individuals selected from 6 Chinese indigenous breeds (2- Tibetan pig, 2- Diannan small-ear pig, 2-Meishan pig, 1- Min pig, 1-Daweizi pig, and 1-Rongchang pig).
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comparative genomic hybridization by array 
Huimin Kang <>, Jianfeng Liu, Jicai Jiang, Jiying Wang
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