E-GEOD-48539 - Gene expression profiling of LT-HSCs and ST-HSCs conditionally expressing MLL-ENL

Released on 17 July 2013, last updated on 24 July 2013
Mus musculus
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We have developed a new conditional transgenic mouse showing that MLL-ENL, at an endogenous-like expression level, induces leukemic transformation selectively in LT-HSCs. To investigate the molecular mechanism of leukemic transformation in LT-HSCs conditionally expressing MLL-ENL, we preliminarily performed comprehensive gene expression profiling of CreER-transduced LT-HSCs and ST-HSCs using cDNA microarray analysis. For initial screening of candidate genes invloved in the leukemic transformation, total RNA was extracted from colony-forming cells derived from LT-HSCs and ST-HSCs transduced with CreER or mock. Four samples were analyzed, and CreER-transduced LT/ST-HSC-derived cells were compared with mock-transduced LT/ST-HSC-derived cells, while CreER/mock-transduced LT-HSC-derived cells were compared with CreER/mock-transduced ST-HSC-derived cells.
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transcription profiling by array 
Ryoichi Ono, Tetsuya Nosaka
Plzf drives MLL-fusion-mediated leukemogenesis specifically in long term hematopoietic stem cells. Ono R, Masuya M, Nakajima H, Enomoto Y, Miyata E, Nakamura A, Ishii S, Suzuki K, Shibata-Minoshima F, Katayama N, Kitamura T, Nosaka T. , Europe PMC 23838347
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