6 protocols
normalization data transformation protocol
Data was extracted using Agilent Feature Extraction software 9.5. and statistical analysis was conducted using AgiMicroRna package in R (Bioconductor package) ID_REF = VALUE = normalized signal intensity
array scanning protocol
Scanning of the slides was done using Genepix 4000B (Molecular devices)
hybridization protocol
Hybridization was done at 55 degrees for 18 hours.
labelling protocol
Labeling of RNA was done following Agilent hydridization kit following manufacturer's guidelines
nucleic acid extraction protocol
Total RNA was isolated using STAT60 method. Total RNA was assessed for quality using Bioanalyzer.
sample treatment protocol
Zebrafish embryos were exposed to vehicle control (ethanol) or valproic acid starting from 4 hours post-fertilization (hpf) to 96 hpf. Embryos were sampled at 48 and 96 hpf for miRNA expression profiling