E-GEOD-47941 - Adipose tissue nutrigenomic study in Iberian pigs with dietary intervention of oleic acid supplementation

Released on 14 June 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Sus scrofa
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We studied the influence of the oleic acid content of the diet on adipose tissue transcriptome. Iberian pigs were fed a standard (C) or a high oleic sunflower oil enriched (HO) diet. Transcriptome analyses were performed in adipose tissue samples (inner layer) obtained at slaughter (110 kg live weight) employing the Affymetrix porcine GeneChip. Normalized and filtered microarray expression data (background corrected and base-2 logarithmic-transformed) were analyzed through Bayesian inference using the GEAMM v.1.6 program. Statistically significant expression differences (FDR<0.10) between C and HO groups were observed for a total of ten probes corresponding to nine different known genes. Six genes were overexpressed in the HO group and three were overexpressed in the C group. Expression differences between groups ranged from 1.38 to 2.75-fold. The two most significantly DE genes were related with immune defense (TCRB and GPR183) and others were related with nutrient metabolism as glicerolipid metabolism (GK), phospholipid and sphingolipid metabolism (PPM1L), carbohydrate metabolism (FBP2) aminoacid metabolism and energy homeostasis (PRSS35 and CKB) and gene expression regulation and adipogenesis (RXRG). 15 Iberian castrated male pigs were adscribed to one of two experimental groups at 28 kg live weight (7 animals in Control group and 8 animals in High Oleic group). Nutritional treatment was maintained until sacrifice of the animals at 110 kg of live weight. At the sacrifice, backfat adipose tissue was sampled from each animal at the level of the last rib.
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transcription profiling by array 
Cristina Ovilo
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