E-GEOD-47909 - mRNA expression of Qa2+ and Qa2- CD4+ thymocytes isolated from WT and miR-142-/- mice

Released on 14 June 2013, last updated on 24 June 2013
Mus musculus
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Developing CD4+ T-cells in the thymus mature from CD69+Qa2- cells to CD69-Qa2+ T-cells. This maturation is accombanied by increased expression of CD62L and S1PR1 in Qa2+ cells, which allows mature T-cells to emigrate from the thymus to the periphery. However, miR-142-/- mice are characterized by an altered thymocytes homeostasis, characterized by reduced CD62L protein levels on their cell surface. To characterize the underlying molecular mechanisms, which lead to reduced CD62L expression in miR-142-/- CD4+ thymocytes, we investigated the mRNA levels in immature Qa2- as well as mature Qa2+ thymocytes isolated ex vivo from WT and miR-142 deficient Bl6 mice. Thymi were isolated from a pool of 4-5 mice per genotype and cells were isolated by FACS sorting. After sorting, total mRNA was isolated and expression levels were investigated with an Affymetrix microarrage Gene 1.0ST chip.
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transcription profiling by array 
Alexander Mildner, Steffen Jung
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