E-GEOD-47793 - The DNA methylome of Epiblast Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells is distinct and not fully reversible

Released on 28 April 2014, last updated on 29 May 2014
Mus musculus
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Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) and Epiblast Stem Cells (EpiSCs) are the in vitro representants of naïve and primed pluripotency, respectively. It is currently unclear how their epigenome underpin the phenotypic and molecular characteristics of these states of pluripotency. Here, we performed the first qualitative and quantitative comparison of DNA methylation between ESCs and EpiSCs. The global level and genomic distribution of DNA methylation were very similar between the two cell types. However, the analysis of promoter methylation patterns in EpiSCs revealed several distinct features: (i) the repression of germline-related genes by DNA methylation, a process already ongoing in ESCs but far more pronounced in EpiSCs; (ii) the hypermethylation of promoters (especially CpG rich) in EpiSC compared to both ESCs and dissected epiblasts from E6.5 and E7.5 embryos; (iii) the inability of hypomethylated (Dnmt-deficient) ESCs to be converted into EpiSCs despite their ability to self-renew. Altogether, our data show that DNA methylation is an important epigenetic regulator of gene expression in EpiSCs and suggest that it is essential for the obtention of EpiSCs. MethylCap-Seq (DNA methylation profiling) and RNA-Seq of 3 EpiStem Cells (EpiSCs) and 1 Embryonic Stem Cell line of which the data has been submitted to GEO before (part of GEO SuperSeries GSE23943 and GSE31343)
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methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing, RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Hendrik Marks <h.marks@ncmls.ru.nl>, Alice Jouneau, Andreia Bernardo, Anita Kaan, Anne-Clémence Veillard, Hendrik G Stunnenberg, Laloé Denis, Laurent Boulanger, Luc Jouneau, Vincent Brochard
Stable methylation at promoters distinguishes Epiblast Stem Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells and the in vivo epiblast. Veillard AC, Marks H, Bernardo AS, Jouneau L, Laloe D, Boulanger L, Kaan A, Brochard V, Tosolini M, Pedersen R, Stunnenberg H, Jouneau A. , Europe PMC 24738887
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