E-GEOD-47638 - HOTAIR reprograms gene expression profiling in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) KYSE180 cells

Released on 5 June 2013, last updated on 18 June 2013
Homo sapiens
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To investigate the functional role of HOTAIR in esophageal squanmous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells, RNAi-mediated knockdown of HOTAIR and overexpression of HOTAIR were carried out using KYSE180 cells. Gene expression microarray analysis revealed that a number of reported HOTAIR target genes were regulated by HOTAIR. Moreover, gene ontology analysis revealed enrichment of genes closely related to tumorigenesis, such as cell migration, regulation of cell cycles. For RNAi-mediated knockdown of HOTAIR, two different stealth siRNAs against HOTAIR were generated by Invitrogen, after which a mixture of the two was used for transfection. KYSE180 cells in 6-well plates were transfected with 100 pmol of Stealth siRNA (Invitrogen) or a Stealth RNAi Negative Control Medium GC (Invitrogen) using Lipofectamine2000 (Invitrogen). For HOTAIR overexpression, KYSE180 cells were transfected with LZRS_HOTAIR vector using Polyfect Transfection Reagent (Qiagen). Total RNA was extracted 48 h after transfection.
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transcription profiling by array 
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