E-GEOD-4762 - Rootstock-dependent gene expression profiling in apple scions

Submitted on 1 May 2006, released on 5 May 2006, last updated on 3 May 2014
Malus x domestica
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The purpose of this project is to examine the effects of rootstocks on the gene expression patterns in scions of apple trees. Gene expression patterns were examined in the Gala variety grafted onto seven different, commonly used rootstocks. These trees were grown in the greenhouse to limit environmental effects. Also, gene expression profiles were examined in three different varieties (Ambrosia, Melrose,and Gala) grafted onto B.9 rootstocks grown in the field. Each sample is a pool of RNA from two different trees. RNA samples were isolated from 0.5 g of actively growing shoot tips, including leaf and stem tissues.
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Izabela Makalowska <izabelam@psu.edu>, Craig Praul, James W Travis, Naomi Altman, Philip J Jensen, Qing Zhang, Robert M Crassweller, Siela Maximova, Timothy W McNellis
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