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E-GEOD-47528 - Jarid2, a Polycomb member and target of miR-155, regulates the fates of Th17 and Treg cells

Released on 1 June 2014, last updated on 9 July 2014
Mus musculus
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Genome-wide analysis of Jarid2, Suz12, and c-Maf binding and H3K27me3 profiling in miR-155 KO and WT Th17 performed by ChIP-seq. We found that Jarid2 and c-Maf is differentially expressed in absence of miR-155 and they compete for binding to the Il22 promoter. We highlight targets of Jarid2 and Suz12 in miR-155 KO Th17 cells that are epigenetically silenced by increased H3K27me3 status. Furthermore, genome-wide analysis through Suz12 ChIP-exo in WT and Jarid2fl/fl;CD4cre Th17 reveals defects in PRC2 recruitment in abscence of Jarid2 that results in derepression of genes in Th17 cells. Thus, one main function of miR-155 is to curb epigenetic silencing by targeting Jarid2. Examination of Jarid2, Suz12, c-Maf binding and H3K27me3 changes in miR-155 KO and WT Th17.
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GOKHUL KRISHNA KILARU <>, Gokhul K Kilaru, Stefan A Muljo, Thelma M Escobar
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