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E-GEOD-47445 - Adaption of Dinoroseobacter shibae to anaerobic conditions

Released on 30 August 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Dinoroseobacter shibae
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To unravel the adaptation strategies of D. shibae to anaerobic conditions in microaerobic to anaerobic parts of the ocean and to define the underlying regulatory network an anaerobic shift experiment in Salt-Water-Medium in a chemostate was established. Transcriptome analyses were used to investigate the physiological status of D. shibae under this conditions. Dinoroseobacter shibae wild type strain DSM 16493T was grown in a chemostate in saltwater mininmal medium (SWM) mimicking the conditions in the marine habitat under anaerobic conditions. For growth under oxygen depletion the media were supplemented with 50 mM KNO3 to sustain anaerobic respiration. Therefore, D. shibae was grown aerobically in the chemostate until the culture reached the exponential phase, than countinuously cultivaion was started. The dilution rate was 0.1 h-1, establishing the approximate half-maximum growth rate of D. shibae in the exponential phase. The anaerobic shift was initialised after 20 hours by stopping the aeration. The samples were harvested before (as reference) and 30 minutes after stopping the airation. Three biological replica were analyzed. Comparison: Identification of genes induced or repressed under aerobic conditions in the Dinoroseobacter shibae wild type strain DSM 16493T. Here we compared the transcriptome profile of D. shibae wild type strain DSM 16493T grown aerobically in the chemostate in exponential phase with the transcriptome profile of the D. shibae wild type strain DSM 16493T which was grown without aeration for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 and 120 min.
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Sebastian Walter Friedrich Laaß <>, Dieter Jahn, Johannes Klein, Petra Tielen, Sebastian Laass
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