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E-GEOD-4725 - Transcription profiling of human aortic smooth muscle cells exposed to hypoxia

Submitted on 26 April 2006, released on 13 June 2008, last updated on 3 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Systemic arterial smooth muscle cells are exposed to a broad range of oxygen concentrations under physiological conditions. Hypoxia can modulate the proliferative response of smooth muscle cells leading to speculation about its role in vasculogenesis, vascular remodelling and the pathogenesis of arterial disease. The effect of hypoxia has been inconsistent, however, with both enhanced proliferation and growth arrest reported. Nevertheless, these reports support an important effect of hypoxia on smooth muscle cell proliferation and, given its physiological and clinical relevance, this requires clarification. We posited that variation in O2 concentration, within the range that exists in vivo, may have different effects on the proliferation and survival of vascular smooth muscle cells. Experiment Overall Design: Human aortic smooth muscle cells (HASMC) were propagated to passage 6 in SMGM-2 medium reached 80% confluence, the media was changed and the cells were incubated for a further 16 hrs or 48 hrs under either normoxic or hypoxic conditions (1% and 3%O2 ).
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Sara Arab
Oxygen regulation of arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation and survival. Julie Basu Ray, Sara Arab, Yupu Deng, Peter Liu, Linda Penn, David W Courtman, Michael E Ward. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 294(2):H839-52 (2008)
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