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E-GEOD-47126 - Spaceflight Modulates Gene Expression in Astronauts

Released on 15 October 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Astronauts are exposed to a unique combination of stressors during spaceflight, which leads to alterations in their physiology and potentially increases their susceptibility to infectious pathogens. Here we report the first microarray evaluation of any astronaut tissue sample, specifically whole blood, before and after spaceflight using an array comprising 234 well-characterized stress response genes. Differentially regulated genes included those important for DNA repair, oxidative stress, and protein folding/degradation. Microarrays comprising 234 well characterized stress-related genes were used to profile transcriptomic changes in six astronauts before and after short-duration spaceflight. Blood samples were collected for analysis from each eastronaut 10 days prior and 2-3 hours after return from spaceflight. Data submitted for platform GPL140 contain genes that have been pre-filtered by the analytical software to remove values of low certainty, resulting in missing values for some samples. Unfortunately, these original data are no longer available due to physical damage at Tulane University during hurricane Katrina, but the processed values were retained in redundant locations and these are submitted for upload to GEO.
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transcription profiling by array 
Jennifer Barrila <>, Aurélie Crabbé, C M Ott, Carly LeBlanc, Cheryl A Nickerson, Duane Pierson, Jennifer A Barrila, Phillip Stafford, Satish K Mehta
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