6 protocols
normalization data transformation protocol
CEL files obtained from scanner were normalized with RMA algorithm using R software and bioconductor associated packages. ID_REF = VALUE = RMA normalized
array scanning protocol
Arrays were scanned in the GeneTitan platform following manufacturer specifications
hybridization protocol
samples were hyb in Rat Gene Array 1.1 ST from Affymetrix, for 16 hours at 45 ºC and 60 rpm. Samples were washed and stained in the GeneTitan platform following manufacturer specifications.
labelling protocol
samples were labeled with GeneChip Terminal Labeling kit following protocol specifications
sample treatment protocol
vehicle (VHC), mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) or olfactory ensheathing cells (OEC) transplantation after spinal cord injury
nucleic acid extraction protocol
Spinal cord segment (5mm long) centered in the contusion epicenter was harvested and maintained in RNA-latter solution (Qiagen, Barcelona, Spain). The samples were processed for mRNA analysis following the manufacturer instructions. The total RNA of each sample was extracted with RNeasy mini kit (Qiagen), including a DNase step (RNase free DNase set, Qiagen, Barcelona, Spain).