E-GEOD-46865 - Expression data for resting and activated B and T cells

Released on 1 June 2013, last updated on 17 June 2013
Mus musculus
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The IgH locus encodes for part of the antibody exposed by B cells and is important for the immune system. In B cells, one allele produces protein, the other must remain silenced. It was proposed that both alleles reside in different nuclear compartments and that this is important to maintain mono-allelic productivity. Here we challenge this concept. We provide detailed genome-wide contact maps, which show that IgH adopts different nuclear locations in immune versus other cells but also demonstrate that in B cells both alleles reside in the same environment. Nuclear positioning is therefore not important to maintain allelic exclusion. We did a gene expression analysis on resting (Day 0) and in vitro activated (Day 4) B and T cells in triplicate Splenic B cells and T cells were separately isolated from spleen, using magnetic activated cell sorting, and activated in vitro for 4 days
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transcription profiling by array 
sjoerd holwerda <s.holwerda@hubrecht.eu>, Claudia R de Almeida, Erik Splinter, Harmen G van de Werken, Ingrid M Bergen, Marieke Simonis, Marjolein W de Bruijn, Marjon J Verstegen, Patrick J Wijchers, Rudi W Hendriks, Sjoerd B Holwerda, Wouter de Laat
Allelic exclusion of the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus is independent of its nuclear localization in mature B cells. Holwerda SJ, van de Werken HJ, Ribeiro de Almeida C, Bergen IM, de Bruijn MJ, Verstegen MJ, Simonis M, Splinter E, Wijchers PJ, Hendriks RW, de Laat W. , Europe PMC 23748562
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