E-GEOD-46143 - LMP2A mediated gene expression changes in transfected CD10+ GCB cells

Released on 19 April 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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In this study, we have investigated the effect of LMP2A on gene expression in normal human GC B cells using a non-viral vector based system Keywords: transfection of viral oncogene in normal human B cells Gene expression was compared between LMP2A-transfected and control vector-transfected GC B cells from three patients. RNA from the FACS-sorted transfected GC B cells was amplified. 10ug of fragmented cRNA was hybridized to HG-U133 Plus 2.0 microarrays. Differentially expressed probe sets were identified using limma with a fold change >1.3 and p < 0.01
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transcription profiling by array 
Alexandra Schrader, Ciaran B Woodman, Dieter Kube, Eszter Nagy, Martin Rowe, Martina Vockerodt, Paul G Murray, Wenbin Wei, Zuzana Prouzova
Suppression Of The Lmp2a Target Gene, Egr-1, Protects Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cells From Entry To The Ebv Lytic Cycle. Vockerodt M, Wei W, Nagy E, Prouzova Z, Schrader A, Kube D, Rowe M, Woodman CB, Murray PG. , Europe PMC 23592216
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