E-GEOD-46086 - DNA microarray data from root of transgenic rice Huahui 1 (HH1) and its parent Minghui 63 (MH63)

Released on 16 October 2013, last updated on 19 November 2015
Oryza sativa
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DNA microarray analysis has been proved to be an effective method in investigating unintended effects in genetically modified (GM) crops. However, unintended effects of GM plants in leaves through DNA microarray analysis has many researches, but research of unintended effects of GM plants of the underground portion has few. In this study, DNA microarray analysis was used to detect DEG in underground portions between transgenic rice HH1 and its non-transgenic control MH63. We used microarrays to study unintended effects in root of transgenic rice Huahui 1. Samples were collected from root of HH1 and MH63 at 30-day old and were used for RNA extraction and hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays. We selected diferentially expressed genes and common significantly changed pathways hoping to as a clue to investigate unintended effects of HH1 root.
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transcription profiling by array 
Jie Zhao <zhaojienyw@163.com>, Fangjun Qi, Zhao Jie
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