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E-GEOD-46025 - Expression data from WT and Foxo1 KO CD8+ KLRG1high or KLRG1low populations after LCMV infection

Released on 13 April 2013, last updated on 22 April 2013
Mus musculus
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The forkhead O transcription factors (FOXO) integrate a range of extracellular signals including growth factor signaling, inflammation, oxidative stress and nutrient availability, to substantially alter the program of gene expression and modulate cell survival, cell cycle progression, and many cell-type specific responses yet to be unraveled. Naive antigen-specific CD8+ T cells undergo a rapid expansion and arming of effector function within days of pathogen exposure, but in addition, by the peak of expansion, they form precursors to memory T cells capable of self-renewal and indefinite survival. We used microarrays to determine whether FOXO1 broadly affects effector and memory differentiation, and to what extent FOXO1 determines the program of memory T cell gene expression. To obtain an unbiased analysis of genes differentially expressed in antigen-specific Foxo1-/- CD8+ T cells responding to infection, we obtained RNA and performed Affymetrix microarray analysis from KLRG1low and KLRG1high FACS-sorted congenically-marked WT and Foxo1-/- P14 cells obtained from mixed transfers, eight days post-infection with LCMV-Armstrong. We carried out gene deletion in Rosa26Cre-ERT2 Foxo1f/f (Foxo1-/-) P14 mice just prior to adoptive transfer (Kerdiles et al., 2009), and transfer equal numbers of P14 cells from the spleens of KO (Foxo1-/- P14) and WT P14 mice. Day8 post infection
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transcription profiling by array 
Rodrigo A Hess <>, Ananda W Goldrath, Andrew L Doedens, Rodrigo H Michelini, Stephen M Hedrick
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