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E-GEOD-45725 - Internal validation cohort of breast cancers for development of ClinicoMolecular Triad Classification

Released on 19 June 2014, last updated on 29 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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In our early study ([GEO Accession: GSE16987], [PMID: 21939527]), we have created a ClinicoMolecular Triad Classification (CMTC) to improve prediction and prognostication of breast cancer by using a training cohort contained 161 breast cancer patients (2003 to 2008). Here, a supplemental internal validation cohort contained 340 breast cancer patients was collected (2008 to 2010) for development of the CMTC. Total 340 fine-needle aspirates (FNA) specimens from breast tumors without replicate were collected and prepared for microarray examination. Finally, 284 invasive breast cancers were used in this study.
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Dong-Yu Wang <>, Dong Y Wang, Wey L Leong
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