E-GEOD-45565 - Clonal evolution, genomic drivers, and effects of therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Released on 19 April 2013, last updated on 29 April 2013
Homo sapiens
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The identification of gene mutation and structural genomic aberrations that are critically involved in CLL pathogenesis is still evolving. One may postulate that genomic driver lesions with effects on CLL proliferation, apoptosis thresholds, or chemotherapy resistance should increase in frequency over time when measured sequentially in a large CLL cohort. We sequentially sampled a large, well-characterized CLL cohort at a mean of 4 years between samplings. The paired analysis included 156 patients, of whom 114 remained untreated and 42 received intercurrent therapies. Results: we identify a strong effect of intercurrent therapies on the frequency of acquisition of aCNAs in CLL. Importantly, the spectrum of acquired genomic changes was largely similar in patients that did or did not receive intercurrent therapies; therefore, various genomic changes that become part of the dominant clones are often already present in CLL cell populations prior to therapy. Further, we provide evidence that therapy of CLL with preexisting TP53 mutations results in the outgrowth of genomically very complex clones which dominate at relapse. Using complementary technologies directed at the detection of genomic events that are present in substantial proportions of of the clinically relevant CLL disease bulk, we capture aspects of genomic evolution in CLL over time, including increases in the frequency of genomic complexity, specific recurrent aCNAs, and TP53 mutations. Data from 156 paired samples (enrollment and one longitudinal sample) are included in this data set. Of these, 27 patients were assayed at two (or, rarely, more than two) time points. Please note: normal DNA and enrollment date tumor DNA CEL files and SNP call files will be found in a separate GEO data submission: GSE30777
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comparative genomic hybridization by array 
Sami N Malek <smalek@med.umich.edu>, Cheng Li, Erlene Seymour, Kamlai Saiya-Cork, Kerby Shedden, Peter D Ouillette, Sami N Malek
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