E-GEOD-4524 - High risk HPV infection effect on expression profile mediated by tumor necrosis factor

Released on 25 August 2007, last updated on 4 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Previous studies have shown that normal and HPV immortalized keratinocytes are sensitive to TNF anti-proliferative effect. Conversely, HPV18-immortalized keratinocytes are resistant to the cytostatic effect mediated by this cytokine. In this study we have compared gene expression patterns in primary cultures of human foreskin epidermal keratinocytes (PHK or NHFK) and HPV16 (HF698) and HPV18(HF18Nco)-immortalized cell lines, and profile the transcriptional changes 3 and 60 hours after TNF treatment. Keywords: global expression profile, microarray, HPV, TNF In order to determine the effects of HPV infection and TNF treatment on global gene expression, were performed 2 independent experiment for each cell line, including the two periods of treatment with TNF. Furthermore, were performed 2 experiments for each control plate containing the non-treated cells.
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transcription profiling by array 
Lara Termini <ltermini@ludwig.org.br>, Anna E Coló, Eduardo J Neves, Gustavo Esteves, Luisa L Villa, Luiz F Reis, Roberto J Hirata, Waleska K Martins
Characterization of global transcription profile of normal and HPV-immortalized keratinocytes and their response to TNF treatment. Termini L, Boccardo E, Esteves GH, Hirata R Jr, Martins WK, Colo AE, Neves EJ, Villa LL, Reis LF. , Europe PMC 18588690
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