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E-GEOD-45156 - Gene expression in alpha SMA Cre-labeled cells in periosteum during early fracture callus formation

Released on 27 November 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Fracture healing is a process that involves many cell populations. In this study we characterized gene expression in a subset of cells involved in fracture healing. αSMACreERT2 mice crossed with Ai9 reporter mice that express tdTomato fluorescent protein after Cre-mediated activation were used as an experimental model. αSMA-expressing cells were labeled by tamoxifen administration, then periosteal cells from the tibia were isolated two days later (controls), or tibial fractures were performed and periosteum/soft callus tissue was collected after 2 and 6 days. The tdTomato positive cell population was isolated by flow cytometry, and subjected to microarray analysis. Histology and cell surface marker analysis indicates that αSMACreERT2 labels a mainly mesenchymal population in the periosteum that expands after fracture, and contributes to both osteogenic and chondrogenic elements of the fracture callus. We were therefore able to examine gene expression in a defined population during the early stages of fracture healing. Total RNA was obtained from the tomato positive cells within the periosteal compartment of fractures from αSMACreERT2/Ai9 mice. Control animals were given 2 doses of tamoxifen, and periosteum was collected and labeled cells sorted (8-9 sex-matched mice per group). Fractures were performed after the second dose of tamoxifen, and tomato positive cells from periosteum/callus tissue were isolated 2 and 6 days after fracture (4-8 animals per sample pooled). 3 replicates for each sample are included.
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Brya Matthews <>, Brya G Matthews, Ivo Kalajzic
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