E-GEOD-44682 - Next generation sequencing facilitates quantitative analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans N2 wild type, emr-1(gk119), lem-2(tm1582) and emr-1(RNAi) lem-2(tm1582) transcriptomes

Released on 2 December 2013, last updated on 16 January 2014
Caenorhabditis elegans
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Laminopathies are caused by mutations in components of the nuclear envelope (NE). While most NE components are widely expressed, laminopathies affect only a subset of tissues. However, the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that explain this phenomenon is still elusive. Here we have performed RNA-Seq analysis in adult C. elegans nematodes comparing gene expression in wild type and single and double mutants of two components of the NE, EMR-1 and LEM-2. Our data confirm that EMR-1 and LEM-2 facilitate gene repression and that both proteins control the expression of mainly muscle and neuronal genes. mRNA profiles of wild type, emr-1(gk119), lem-2(tm1582) and emr-1(RNAi) lem-2(tm1582) young adult worms were generated by deep sequencing, in triplicate for the wild type and duplicates for the other backgrounds, using Illumina GAIIx.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Peter Askjaer <pask@upo.es>, Cristina González-Aguilera
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