E-GEOD-44594 - The 19S proteasome subunit Rpt3 regulates distribution of CENP-A by associating with centromeric chromatin

Released on 7 April 2014, last updated on 2 June 2014
Schizosaccharomyces pombe
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CENP-A, a variant of histone H3, is incorporated into centromeric chromatin and plays a role during kinetochore establishment. In fission yeast, the localization of CENP-A is limited to a region spanning 10 to 20 kb of the core domain of the centromere. Here, we report a mutant (rpt3-1) in which this region is expanded to 40 to 70 kb. Likely due to abnormal distribution of CENP-A, this mutant exhibits chromosome instability and enhanced gene silencing. Interestingly, the rpt3+ gene encodes a subunit of the 19S proteasome, which localizes to the nuclear membrane. While Rpt3 associates with centromeric chromatin, the mutant protein has lost this localization. A loss of the cut8+ gene encoding an anchor of the proteasome to the nuclear membrane causes similar phenotypes as observed in the rpt3-1 mutant. Thus, we propose that the proteasome (or its subcomplex) associates with centromeric chromatin and regulates distribution of CENP-A. Chromosomal distributions of differentially expressed centromere protein A in wild-type and a proteasome mutant.
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ChIP-chip by tiling array 
Kojiro Ishii, Teppei Kitagawa, Tomohiro Matsumoto
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