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E-GEOD-44290 - Achyranthes aspera leaf extract modulates the expression of genes involved in immune response and embryonic development etc in vitro in cultured human pancreatic cancer cell line MIA PaCa-2 (CRL1420)

Released on 1 December 2013, last updated on 13 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Examining of the global gene expression changes in cultured human pancreatic cancer cells effected by the extract of A. aspera leaves. Comparison of cells treated for 24, 48 and 72 hours with the respective controls (untreated) allowed to select key genes that may be of interest as a response markers. Two-condition experiment, treated vs. untreated cells at 3 time points. Biological replicates: 6 control and 6 treated replicates for 24 hours time point; 4 control and 4 treated replicated for 48 hours time point; 2 control and 2 treated replicates for 72 hours time point.
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Subbarayan R. Pochi <>, Bach Ardalan, Balakrishna L Lokeshwar, Lubov Nathanson, Malancha Sarkar, Nikesh Doshi, Pochi R Subbarayan
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