E-GEOD-43982 - Transcriptome analysis of multiple pre-meiotic anther stages and laser microdissected cell types in maize

Released on 1 May 2013, last updated on 7 May 2013
Zea mays
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Transcriptomes from multiple pre-meiotic stages of wild type, mac1, and msca1 maize anthers were characterized by microarray hybridization. The goal was to characterize the developmental progression as the anther specifies five cell types and grows rapidly precedeing meiotic entry. The stages characterized were immature anther primordia (0.15 mm long in maize) containing just stem cells, through somatic and germinal cell fate specification (0.20 and 0.25 mm), mitotic proliferation (0.4 mm), and finally the birth of the middle layer and tapetum (0.7 mm). To obtain cell-type specific markers, at 0.7 mm we also compared whole anthers to collections of laser-microdissected anther cell types including the archesporial cells (pre-meiotic germinal cells), nutritive layers (middle layer and tapetum) and structural layers (endothecium and epidemis) of the anther lobe. keyword: anther development, maize, male-sterile Three loop designs covered the early stages (up to 0.7 mm) with two replicates for each comparison. The first loop had 0.2 mm long anthers and compared wild type versus mac1 mutant versus msca1 mutant in a three vertex loop design. The second loop had four vertices and compared 0.15 mm WT anther primordia, 0.25 mm WT anthers, 0.4 mm WT anthers and finally 0.4 mm mac1 mutant anthers. The third had 0.7 mm anthers in a three vertex loop with the nutritive layers (middle layer and tapetum) at one vertex, the germinal pre-meiotic cells at another vertex, and whole anthers at a third vertex. The whole anther samples were also, separately and outside of the loop, compared in four replicates to the structural layers (endothecium and epidermis).
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John F Fernandes <jfernand@stanford.edu>, Kelliher Timothy, Virginia Walbot
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