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E-GEOD-43616 - Time-course transcriptome of wild-type Arabidopsis leaf

Released on 16 March 2016, last updated on 19 March 2016
Arabidopsis thaliana
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During the senescence stage, leaves undergo degeneration and relocate nutrients accumulated during the growth stage to sink parts such as seeds, critically contributing to plants’ productivity and fitness. Here, we asked how leaf transcriptome is regulated during the senescence stage by performing directional sequencing of total and small RNAs for the entire lifespan of Arabidopsis leaves. The total RNA and small RNA profiles of the Arabidopsis leaf along lifespan (14 and 7 time points, respectively) were generated by next-generation sequencing using Illumina Hiseq2000. Two independent biological replicates were used for each experiment.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, RNA-seq of non coding RNA 
Hee Jung Koo <>, Daehee Hwang, Hee Koo, Hong Nam, Hye Woo, Hyobin Jeong, Jeongsik Kim, Pyung Lim
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