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E-GEOD-43498 - Differentially expressed genes in H2AX knockdown cells undergoing apoptosis

Released on 16 January 2013, last updated on 19 August 2015
Homo sapiens
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H2AX has been characterized as a novel tumor suppressor protein. Difficiency of H2AX will result in apoptotic inhibition of cancer cells. However, how H2AX epigenetically regulates apoptosis of cancer cells is still unclear. To reveal the genes expression regulated by H2AX and involved in apoptosis, the microarray profiling analysis was employed to identify differentially expressed genes in H2AX knockdown lung cancer cells and control ones after apoptotic induction. H2AX was knockdown by miRNA interfering system in human lung cancer originated cell A549 and the stable cell line named P1, while the control stable cell line named C. Genes with greater than 1.2-fold change and P-value <0.05 were identified as differentially expressed genes between C and P1 cells both with apoptosis induction. The two groups including control (C) and H2AX knockdown lung cancer cells (P1) were harvested 48 h after VP-16 treatment. Three independent experiments were performed for each group.
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