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E-GEOD-42715 - Expression data from open bariatric surgery patients - various adipose samples

Released on 22 August 2013, last updated on 2 September 2013
Homo sapiens
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Diabetes and obesity are widespread diseases with signifciant socioeconomic implications. We used three different types of human adipose tissue (epigastric, visceral, and subcutaneous) in order to determine differences in global gene expression between these adipose depots in severely obese patients. In this dataset, we include the expression data obtained from three types of adipose tissue; epigastric, subcutaneous, and visceral all obtained through open gastric bypass surgery. 18 total samples were analyzed. Tissues were paired together to run on one genechip, with three pairs of epigastric, three pairs of subcutaneous, and three pairs of visceral were ran on nine genechips. Comparisons of gene expression in the form of fold changes between pairs of adipose types (i.e., subcutaneous/epigastric, visceral/epigastric, and subcutaneous/visceral) were completed by Spotfire Analysis.
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transcription profiling by array 
Gene expression profiling in subcutaneous, visceral, and epigastric adipose tissues of patients with extreme obesity. Gerhard GS, Styer AM, Strodel WE, Roesch SL, Yavorek A, Carey DJ, Craig Wood G, Petrick AT, Gabrielsen J, Ibele A, Benotti P, Rolston DD, Still CD, Argyropoulos G. , PMID:23949615
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