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E-GEOD-42672 - Conversion of human fibroblast to endothelial cell by defined factors

Released on 3 December 2012, last updated on 13 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Transient pluripotency-factor-based signaling-directed (TPS) transdifferentiation approach could be further applied to generate functional induced endothelial (iEnd) cells from human fibroblasts with only two factors: Oct4 and Klf4 (OK). The iEnd cells exhibit characteristic endothelial cell phenotype in vitro and in vivo and are capable of functionally promoting vascular regeneration and blood perfusion in a murine model of PAD. Human fibroblasts were transfected with Oct4 and Klf4 then changed to endothelial cell culture media with growth factors. iENDs were purified by FACS and enriched in EGM2 media.
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jun li <>, Jun Li, Ngan Huang, Sheng Ding
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