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E-GEOD-41956 - Transcriptome analysis of A661 leaves

Released on 2 August 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Zea mays
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The maize inbred line A661 shows a characteristic phenotype when grown at suboptimal temperatures for three weeks and then is exposed to optimal temperatures for one extra week. After this period the third leaf showed two well defined sections: distal (chlorophyll-less; CL) and proximal (chlorophyll-containing; CC) sections. To further investigate the performance of the inbred line A661 under cold conditions a gene expression profiling analysis was conducted using large scale maize microarrays. A total of 1002 transcripts change their expression between both leaf sections and the majority of these codify for proteins located to the chloroplast. Three biological replicates of each leaf sections were analysed. The CC section was used as control.
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transcription profiling by array 
Victor M Rodriguez <>, Ana Butrón, Pablo Velasco, Pedro Revilla, Víctor M Rodríguez
Genetic regulation of cold-induced albinism in the maize inbred line A661. Rodr�guez VM, Velasco P, Garrido JL, Revilla P, Ord�s A, Butr�n A. , PMID:23881393
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