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E-GEOD-41910 - Gene expression profiling of gastrocnemius of mini muscle mice

Released on 19 February 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Few studies have investigated heterogeneity of selection response in replicate lines subjected to equivalent selection. We developed 4 replicate lines of mice based on high levels of voluntary wheel running (high runner or HR lines) while also maintaining 4 non-selected control lines. This led to the unexpected discovery of the HR mini-muscle (HRmini) phenotype, recognized by a 50% reduction in hindlimb muscle mass, which became fixed in 1 of the 4 HR selected lines. Here, we report genome-wide expression profiling describing transcriptome differences between HRnormal and HRmini medial gastrocnemius. This work provides a resource for understanding differences in muscle phenotypes in populations exhibiting high running capacity. Male mice were used from an animal model of 4 closed lines selectively bred for high voluntary wheel-running behaviour (HR) and 4 control lines bred without intentional selection, described in Swallow et al. Animals used in the current work were sampled from generation 37 at a mean age of 84 days (range = 79-86). For microarray analysis, we used gastrocnemius muscles (including both lateral and medial portions) from HRmini line #3 and HRnormal line #8 (n = 6, in each group). To obtain sufficient RNA, gastrocnemius samples of HRmini were pooled from left and right limbs from each animal, whereas HRnormal gastrocnemius was sampled from either left or right limb only.
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Gene expression profiling of gastrocnemius of 'Mini-Muscle' mice. Burniston JG, Meek TH, Pandey SN, Broitman-Maduro G, Maduro MF, Bronikowski AM, Garland T Jr, Chen YW. , PMID:23362141
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