E-GEOD-41546 - Identification of genes essential for Moraxella catarrhalis growth under iron-limiting conditions using Genomic Array Footprinting (GAF)

Released on 6 June 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Moraxella catarrhalis BBH18
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Iron-sequestration by the human host is a first line defense against respiratory pathogens like Moraxella catarrhalis, which consequently experiences a period of iron-starvation during colonization and infection. We determined the genetic requirements for M. catarrhalis growth during iron-starvation using the high-throughput genome-wide screening technology genomic array footprinting (GAF). To this end, a large marinerT7 transposon mutant library (~28,000 independent transposon mutants) was grown under iron-limiting conditions, achieved by sequestration of iron by 30 µM Desferal (DF30), and under control growth conditions (brain heart infusion broth, DF0). Mutants were recovered at exponential- and the early-stationary growth phase and used for the generation of mutant-specific cDNA probes that were hybridized to custom-designed NimbleGen GAF microarrays. The results described in this study are further discussed in Stefan P.W. de Vries, Peter Burghout, Jeroen D. Langereis, Aldert Zomer, Peter W.M. Hermans, Hester J. Bootsma: Genetic requirements for Moraxella catarrhalis growth under iron-limiting conditions, Molecular Microbiology. cDNA probes generated from mutants recovered during the exponential growth phase, or early-stationary phase under challenge (iron-limiting, DF30) or control conditions (DF0). Hybridization on GAF 4x72K custom design Nimblegen GAF arrays for read-out.
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other, comparative genomic hybridization by array 
Hester Bootsma <h.bootsma@cukz.umcn.nl>, Aldert Zomer, Hester J Bootsma, Jeroen D Langereis, Peter Burghout, Peter M Hermans, Stefan W de Vries
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