E-GEOD-40961 - Quaking is a global regulator of muscle-specific alternative splicing in vertebrates [siRNA data]

Released on 5 June 2013, last updated on 17 June 2013
Mus musculus
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This work provides the first evidence that Qk is a global regulator of splicing in vertebrates, defines a new splicing regulatory network in muscle, and suggests that overlapping splicing networks contribute to the complexity of changes in alternative splicing during differentiation. Alternative splicing contributes to muscle development and differentiation, but the complete set of muscle splicing factors and their combinatorial interactions are not known. Previously work identifies ACUAA (STAR motif) as an enriched sequence near muscle-specific alternative exons such as Capzb exon 9. We did mass spectrometry of proteins selected by wild type and mutant Capzb intron 9 RNA affinity chromatography, and identified Quaking (Qk), a protein known to regulate mRNA function through ACUAA motifs in 3' UTRs. We show that in myoblasts, Qk promotes inclusion of Capzb exon 9 in opposition to repression by PTB. Qk knockdown in myoblasts has little effect on transcript levels, but alters inclusion of 824 cassette exons whose adjacent intron sequences are enriched in ACUAA motifs. During differentiation to myotubes, Qk levels increase 2-3 fold, suggesting a mechanism for Qk-responsive exon regulation. We captured the PTB splicing regulatory network and intersected it with the Qk network, identifying overlap between the functions of Qk and PTB. Approximately 60% of exons whose inclusion is altered during myogenesis appear to be under control of one or both of these splicing factors in myoblasts. This series is the C2C12 Qk and PTB siRNA data. It is 12 arrays: 3 PTB siRNA arrays , 3 Qk siRNA arrays, and 6 mock siRNA arrays.
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transcription profiling by array 
Manny Ares <geo@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>, John P Donohue, Lily Shiue, Manny Ares Jr, Megan Hall, Melissa S Cline, Rhonda J Perriman, Roland Nagel, Samuel Fagg
Quaking and PTB control overlapping splicing regulatory networks during muscle cell differentiation. Hall MP, Nagel RJ, Fagg WS, Shiue L, Cline MS, Perriman RJ, Donohue JP, Ares M Jr. , Europe PMC 23525800