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E-GEOD-40735 - Regulation of Oxidative Stress Responses by the Arabidopsis Heat Shock Factor A4A

Released on 31 December 2012, last updated on 14 January 2013
Arabidopsis thaliana
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Identification of target genes for the transcription factor HSFA4A in Arabidopsis thaliana. Two weeks-old Col-0 wild-type and transgenic plants overexpressing the HSFA4A transcription factor under the estradiol-inducible promoter lexA (HSFA4Aox2) were treated by 5µM estradiol with or without 1mM H2O2 for 6h in liquid 0.5 MS medium and the isolated RNA samples were used for RNAseq analysis.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Balazs Horvath <>, Balázs Horváth, Imma P Salamó, István Nagy, László Szabados
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