E-GEOD-39554 - Expression data from early B cell progenitors including CLP,ProB and PreB of Pax5 knockout and wild type C57Bl6 mice

Released on 22 July 2012, last updated on 6 August 2012
Mus musculus
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we have investigated molecular and functional properties in early B-lineage cells from Pax-5 deficient animals crossed to a B-lineage restricted reporter mouse. Gene expression analysis of ex vivo isolated progenitor cells revealed that Pax-5 deficiency has a minor impact on Bcell specification.By comparison of gene expression patterns in ex vivo isolated Pax-5 and Ebf-1 deficient progenitors, it was possible to identify a set of B-cell restricted genes dependent of Ebf-1 but not Pax-5, supporting the idea that B-cell specification and commitment is controlled by distinct regulatory networks. wt λ5 reporter+ and Pax5ko λ5reporter+ fetal liver from d15 embryos isolated and transplanted into sublethaly irradiated mice. After 4 weeks B220+λ5+ cells were sorted out from the bone marrow of the mice and subjected to microarray analyses
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transcription profiling by array 
Sasan Zandi <sazandi@gmail.com>, Hong Qian, Jenny Stjernberg, Josefine Åhsberg, Mikael Sigvardsson, Panagiotis Tsapogas
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