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E-GEOD-39449 - Differentially activated CD8 T cells in liver and gut

Released on 25 February 2014, last updated on 2 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Naïve, liver- and gut-activated CD8 OT-I T cells show differential migration behaviour. To analyze which genes could be responsible for different migration patterns, naïve, liver-activated and gut-activated CD8 T cells were isolated and compared for their gene expression profile. Gene expression profiles of naïve CD8 OT-I T cells versus liver-activated T cells and gut-activated T cells, respectively. Naïve CD8 OT-I T cells were isolated from lymph nodes and spleens of OT-I mice. CD8 OT-I T cells activated by liver-derived and gut-derived antigen for three days in vivo, positive for CFSE were sorted from livers of TF-OVA mice or from mesenteric lymph nodes of iFABP-OVA mice. After total RNA extraction, reverse transcription, cDNA extraction, the biotinylated cRNA was transcribed, fragmented, and 15 µg cRNA hybridized in duplicates for each of the three groups to the GeneChip arrays. Group1: naïve, Group2: liver-activated Group3: gut-activated. Lists of differentially regulated genes were created using High Performance Chip Data Analysis (HPCDA) with Bioretis database ( Worldwide data sharing is possible via Bioretis, please ask the authors.
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transcription profiling by array 
Joachim R. Grün <>, Alf Hamann, Anja A Kühl, Bertram Wiedenmann, Daniel Seidel, Eckart Schott, Ira Eickmeier, Joachim R Grün
Influence of CD8 T cell priming in liver and gut on the enterohepatic circulation. Eickmeier I, Seidel D, Gr�n JR, Derkow K, Lehnardt S, K�hl AA, Hamann A, Schott E. , PMID:24560659
SiPaGene: A new repository for instant online retrieval, sharing and meta-analyses of GeneChip expression data. Menssen A, Edinger G, Gr�n JR, Haase U, Baumgrass R, Gr�tzkau A, Radbruch A, Burmester GR, H�upl T. , PMID:19265543
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