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E-GEOD-39314 - Evaluation of microRNAs in urine samples as indicators of prostate cancer occurrence

Released on 12 July 2012, last updated on 10 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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miRNAs have been proven to be very useful biomarkers, readily detectable in body fluids, particularly urine may be a valuable source to identify changes in miRNA levels that contribute to better differentiate prostate cancer (PCa) from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) cases. In order to characterize microRNA expression in urine samples from PCa, we analyzed expression of 376 microRNAs in 9 samples of PCa and 9 of BPH. The Normalized Ct values were compared between PCa and BPH. Statistical comparisons were made using Mann-Whitney U test, considering two different distributions. We found statiscally differences n expression for 21 miRNAs (Fold change >2 and P value<0.05). For the initial screening of all the studied samples, we selected only those with a concentration above 100 ng/ml, for a total of 9 samples of group of PCa and 9 BPH group. The isolated RNA was evaluated by measuring the absorbance at 260 nm and 280 nm. RNA aliquots from specimens were pooled and reverse transcription (RT) reaction was pweformed. In total, we formed 3 pools from BPH specimens and 3 from PCa ones. The RT product was used to perform a preamplification reaction. The product of preamplification teaction was loaded into the Taqman Homo sapiens microRNA Low density arrays (TLDA) panel A and amplification signal was detected using the 7900 FAST real time thermal cycler (ABI).
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transcription profiling by RT-PCR 
Mauricio Rodriguez-Dorantes <>, Alberto I Salido-Guadarrama, Carlos Pacheco-Gabhler, Claudia Rangel-Escareño, Dorian V Saavedra-Briones, Eros O Balam-Ortiz, Jorge G Morales-Montor, Samuel Ahumada-Tamayo
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