E-GEOD-39030 - Impact of ectopic expression of SNAIL2, ZEB2, ZEB1 or TWIST1 on BRAF-target genes in the murine melanocytic melan-a cell line

Released on 29 October 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Mus musculus
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We have demonstrated that the oncogenic activation of B-RAF (using a truncated delta-BRAF-ER version inducible with tamoxifen) in the melan-a melanocyte cell line triggers the activation of Zeb1 and Twist1 at the expanse of Zeb2 and Snail2. Enforced maintenance of Zeb2 or Snail2 expression reduces the B-RAF oncogenic potential while ectopic expression of Zeb1 or Twist1 cooperates with B-RAF in melan-a cell transformation. To get an insight into the properties of these embryonic transcription factors, gene expression profiles of melan-a-derived cell lines either expressing a non-activated B-RAF (- tamoxifen) or an activated BRAF (+ tamoxifen) alone or in combination with Snail2, Zeb2, Twist1 or Zeb1 have been established. Melan-a cells were transduced with an activated version of BRAF(delta-BRAF-ER, inducible with tamoxifen) alone or in combination with SNAIL2, ZEB2, ZEB1 or TWIST1. Gene expression profiles before or following BRAF activation (alone or in combination with the embryonic transcription factors) were determined. Ectopic expression of SNAIL2, ZEB2, ZEB1 or TWIST1 on BRAF-target genes in the murine melanocytic melan-a cell line.
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stéphane ansieau <ansieau@lyon.fnclcc.fr>, Alain Puisieux, Anne Wierinckx, Geoffrey Richard, Julie Caramel, Severine Croze, Stéphane Ansieau
A Switch in the Expression of Embryonic EMT-Inducers Drives the Development of Malignant Melanoma. Caramel J, Papadogeorgakis E, Hill L, Browne GJ, Richard G, Wierinckx A, Saldanha G, Osborne J, Hutchinson P, Tse G, Lachuer J, Puisieux A, Pringle JH, Ansieau S, Tulchinsky E. , Europe PMC 24075834
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