E-GEOD-3822 - Transcription profiling by array of wild type and HoxA11 metenephric mesenchyme and ureteric bud from embryonic day 11.5 mice

Released on 7 December 2007, last updated on 30 April 2015
Mus musculus
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E11.5 metanephric mesenchyme and ureteric bud were dissected from the E11.5 kidney rudiment using fine manual microdissection (ureteric bud only) or both fine manual microdissection and laser capture microdissection (metanephric mesenchyme) to define the gene expression profiles of these structures. Additionally, HoxA11, HoxD11 compound null E11.5 metanephric mesenchyme was obtained through laser capture microdissection allowing analysis of possible Hox targets in kidney development. Targets from multiple biological replicates of each were generated and the expression profiles were determined using Affymetrix MOE430_v2 arrays. Using microdissection techniques, ureteric bud and metanephric mesenchyme were dissected from E11.5 kidney rudiments allowing the identificated genes specifically regulated in either structure. In addition, Hoxa11, Hoxd11 compound null E11.5 metanephric mesenchyme were normalized to wild type embryonic controls allowing the identification of potential Hox targets in normal kidney development. Each structure/genotype were represented in biological (seperate embryo) replicate.
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transcription profiling by array, individual genetic characteristics, organism part comparison
Comprehensive microarray analysis of Hoxa11/Hoxd11 mutant kidney development. Kristopher Schwab, Heather A Hartman, Hung-Chi Liang, Bruce J Aronow, Larry T Patterson, S Steven Potter.
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