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E-GEOD-37721 - Ontogenetic study of gene expression in human cerebral cortex tissue using genome-wide microarray

Released on 2 May 2012, last updated on 14 May 2012
Homo sapiens
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In this study we sought to examine gene expression in the cerebral cortex during development in the context of adaptive plasticity. In order to do this we introduced an approach designed to discriminate genes with variable as opposed to uniform patterns of gene expression and found that greater inter-individual variance is observed among children than among adults. RNA was extracted from surgically resected control (e.g., electrophysiologically inactive) tissues taken primarily from the temporal lobe. Individuals sampled ranged from age 10 months old to 53 years old. Gene expression data were collected using a genome-wide microarray [Illumina Human HT-12v3 chip].
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transcription profiling by array 
Kirstin Sterner <>, Adi L Tarca, Amy M Boddy, Amy Weckle, Asad Abbas, Chet C Sherwood, Christopher W Kuzawa, Derek E Wildman, Harry T Chugani, Kirstin N Sterner, Lawrence I Grossman, Leonard Lipovich, Lucie Gregoire, Monica Uddin, Morris Goodman, Patrick R Hof, Ryan L Raaum
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