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E-GEOD-35685 - Lymphoid Priming in Human Bone Marrow Begins Prior to CD10 Expression with Up-Regulation of L-selectin

Released on 14 August 2012, last updated on 20 August 2012
Homo sapiens
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Studies of adult human hematopoiesis have until now relied on the expression of CD10 to define lymphoid commitment. We report a novel lymphoid-primed population in human bone marrow that is generated from hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) prior to the onset of CD10 expression and B cell commitment, and is identified by high levels of the homing molecule L-selectin (CD62L). CD10-CD62Lhi progenitors have full lymphoid (B/T/NK) potential, and show reduced myeloid and absent erythroid potential. Genome-wide gene expression analysis demonstrates that the CD10-CD62Lhi population represents an intermediate stage of differentiation between CD34+CD38- HSC and CD34+lin-CD10+ progenitors marked by down-regulation of TAL1 and MPL, upregulation of E2A, CD3E and IL2RG expression, and absent B cell commitment or RAG1/2 expression. Immature CD34+CD1a- thymocytes are also CD62Lhi and L-selectin ligands are expressed at the cortico-medullary junction, suggesting a possible role for L-selectin in human thymic homing. These studies identify the earliest stage of lymphoid priming in human bone marrow. Freshly harvested human bone marrow was ficoll purified, enriched for CD34+, and then FACS sorted. It was then sorted into 3 samples CD34+CD38-, CD34+ CD10- CD62L++, and CD34+ CD10+, with 3 independent biological replicates
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Lisa Kohn <>, Chintan Parekh, Gay M Crooks, Hanna Mikkola, Judy Zhu, Lisa A Kohn, Qian-Lin Hao, Rajkumar Sasidharan, Shundi Ge
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