E-GEOD-34117 - Expression Data from the Riesling grape must fermentation by industrial M2 and M2 nsf1∆ S. cerevisiae strains for functional characterization of the NSF1 (YPL230W) gene via Correlation Clustering-based method

Released on 16 October 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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The main objectives of this study were to expand our understanding of NSF1 gene function in industrial S. cerevisiae M2 strain during fermentation by finding the largest maximal clique of co-expressed genes (i.e. Interdependent Correlation Cluster), and to establish the impact of Nsf1p on genome-wide gene expression during the fermentation process with possible implications related to wine quality and S. cerevisiae adapation to stressful fermentation conditions The Affymetrix Yeast 2.0 microarrays were used to capture the global gene expression profile of M2 and M2 nsf1∆ grown under fermentation conditions in Riesling grape must at 18°C with no shaking at various time points. The analysis of this microarray dataset expanded our understanding of the mechanism of action and the roles of NSF1 under fermentation stress conditions. The overall experimental setup consisted of 2 stains (M2 and M2 nsf1∆) and 3 sample time points (24h post-innoculation, 20% and 85% of total glucose fermented) .
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transcription profiling by array 
George van der Merwe, Kyrylo Bessonov
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