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E-GEOD-3356 - Transcription profiling by array of HCASMC cells treated with metoprolol or nebivolol

Released on 27 October 2007, last updated on 30 September 2013
Homo sapiens
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Human coronary smooth muscle cells were treated with two different beta-blocker (metoprolol and nebivolol). RNA from three replicates of each, treated and the untreated control group, were isolated and the expression profiles were determined using Affymetrix Human Genechip U133A arrays. Comparisons between the sample groups allow the identification of genes with different expression patterns between the treated and untreated control cells. Experiment Overall Design: 3 replicates of control cells (untreated), 3 replicates of metoprolol treated cells and 3 replicates of nebivolol treated cells were analyzed
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, compound treatment, in vitro
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