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E-GEOD-33444 - miR-124 acts through coREST to control the onset of Sema3A sensitivity in navigating retinal growth cones

Released on 12 December 2011, last updated on 3 April 2013
Xenopus laevis
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During axon pathfinding, growth cones commonly exhibit changes in sensitivity to guidance cues that follow a strict timetable, even in the absence of pathway feedback, implicating cell-intrinsic regulation. Cellular timer mechanisms, however, are poorly understood. Here we have investigated microRNAs in the timing control of Sema3A sensitivity in retinal ganglion cell (RGC) growth cones. A developmental profiling screen identified miR-124 as a candidate timer. Loss of miR-124 delayed the onset of Sema3A sensitivity and concomitant Neuropilin-1 (NRP-1) receptor expression, and caused cell autonomous pathfinding errors. CoREST, a cofactor of a NRP1 repressor, was identified as a novel target and mediator of miR-124 for this highly specific temporal aspect of RGC growth cone responsiveness. Our findings indicate that miR-124 plays an important role in regulating the intrinsic temporal changes in RGC growth cone sensitivity and suggest that microRNAs may play a broad role as linear timers in vertebrate neuronal development. Two independent experiments were performed. One with a single sample for each of 3 stages, and the second with 2 biological replicates of each stage.
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RNA-seq of non coding RNA 
Alistair Muldal, Cei Abreu-Goodger, Cherie Blenkiron, Christine E Holt, Erik A Miska, Javier Armisen, Krishna H Zivraj, Leonard D Goldstein, Marie-Laure Baudet
miR-124 acts through CoREST to control onset of Sema3A sensitivity in navigating retinal growth cones. Baudet ML, Zivraj KH, Abreu-Goodger C, Muldal A, Armisen J, Blenkiron C, Goldstein LD, Miska EA, Holt CE. , PMID:22138647
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