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E-GEOD-33078 - Comparison of intestinal surface CD3- refractory celiac disease type II (RCDII) cell lines with intestinal surface CD3+ cell lines of non-RCDII patients

Released on 11 June 2012, last updated on 21 June 2012
Homo sapiens
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Analysis of transcriptional differences between aberrant (surface CD3-) RCDII cell lines and regular (surface CD3+) intraepithelial cell lines in order to characterize aberrant RCDII cells. All cell lines were cultured from duodenal biopsies of RCDII or non-RCDII (either celiac or non-celiac) patients. We compared 3 RCDII cell lines from RCDII patients P1-P3 with the following control cell lines: CD3+CD4+ T cell line from P1 and P3, CD3+CD8+ T cell line from P3 and mixed CD4/CD8+ T cell lines from non-RCDII patients. All control cells matched the phenotype of mature T cells (CD3+CD4+ and/or CD3+CD8+). Samples were randomly distributed among two BeadChips and measured in duplicates.
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Frederike Schmitz <>, Allan Thompson, Frits Koning, Jennifer Tjon, Jeroen Bergen, Yuching Lai, Yvonne Kooy-Winkelaar
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